For the herniated intervertebral disc decompression treatment using laser, an ultra fine needle is inserted in the treated disc and an optical fiber is inserted through the needle. Then, through the optical fiber, laser energy is applied to the disc causing denaturation of a part of nucleus pulposus. This creates a cavity which allows the removal of the hernia from the nerve root, treating symptoms and pain.
The results are usually direct.

After the procedure, a small adhesive gauze is placed at the side of needle entry and the patient requires 24 hours of bed rest. Then the progressive mobilization of the patient begins for distances of 1- 2 km. Most patients return to their activities within 4-5 days.

No incision is performed for the procedure and there is no scarring afterwards. As only a small part of the disc is ablated there is no destabilization of the spine. Unlike open surgical repair, no damage of the posterior muscles occurs, neither vertebrate extraction nor surgical incisions.

Herniated intervertebral disc decompression using EVOLVE diode laser, reduces any complication observed in open surgical replacement to a significant degree.